Shor'Line Bat'N Down the Hatches TDX

BISS Am/Can Ch. Jetoca's Windward Passage OS, SDHF   "Gino"   x   Crangold American Liberty AX, OAJ, AXP, AJP, RE, Am/Can OD   "Sailor"

New Champion - Canada 2010


Calypso Earns His TD Title 2013


St. Louis Golden Retriever Club 2010 -- 3 pt Specialty Major


Wheatland Golden Retriever Club 2010 -- 4 pt Specialty Major


Calypso is a very sweet boy with a whimsical sense of humor.   He finished his championship May 7, 2010 in only 4 weeks.  His first weekend out as a Special in 2011, he took back-to-back BOB wins in Des Moines, Iowa to earn two Grand Championship majors.  Calypso finished his Grand Championship in May 2011 in Kalamazoo, MI shown by his friend Judy Kaldahl.  Judy also put his first point on him as a puppy!

The very first day Calypso was shown as an adult he took the 4 pt major at the Wheatland Golden Retriever Club.  Two days later, he topped off the weekend with a 3 pt major at the St. Louis Golden Retriever Club. 

Calypso finished his Canadian championship in September 2010 in only 4 shows!

Calypso earned back-to-back TDs in October 2013 and has now begun working on his TDX title.

A very handsome boy, with a beautiful headpiece, Calypso was recognized in the ring by both breeder and all-breed judges.  He has beautiful sidegait, and is clean coming and going.  Calypso has a rock-solid topline and is a very athletic dog.  He carries a correct light gold "wash and wear" coat.  Weighing in at 72 pounds, Calypso has full dentition with a scissors bite, dark, expressive eyes and a very sweet personality. 

Calypso has full clearances, and he is available at stud to bitches he will complement.

Calypso was born February 1, 2006 from my second  BISS Am/Can Ch. Jetoca's Windward Passage OS, SDHF  "Gino"   x      Crangold American Liberty AX, OAP, AXP, AJP, RE, CGC, OD   "Sailor"  litter.

Calypso at Nine Months

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